So another addition to hands for feet man

May 4, 2011

ill start with the google images then were i work, pictures i took, a paste of it all together in digital form, then a rough draft. whew.

hahahha almost like a church

it stinks

i wanted a universal church

laugh it up, this was ahrd to put together

industrial grade sand paper rough


Process Of Pasting and Tasting

May 4, 2011

So i always start with google images. I feel dirty but it is just this wierd thing i do. I go onto the comp and start looking for an image that will give m piece an instant image or grounding if you will. This will be the first photo representation of an element that would be in my piece and it would be instant. I would have my sketch of coarse but it is not an actual element that will be in the piece finish product , not unless i was making a pieces with giant sketchy messy things inserted in them. Let’s say it’s my first painting of the hands for feet series. i Started with a sketch that i sadly cannot find then i googled and got this image.

I think that making a humerous painting with this sad face makes it so tragic.

and then i started to take images of my body to paste over and mix with the initial image.

remember that my hands will be feet.

then more picture refrences from google to mix with pictures of myself, and i also at the same time have to keep in mind universal lightsource , that’s what makes it a cohesive flowing image. the Following is a rough draft, i usually start by making my piece really plain and block in shapes to get scale and placing then i got for any hard parts i have to use imagination becasue i don’t have a solid reference; like the transition between hands and feet. Then i do the background, putting in shapes and lines is easy and fun for me. Yay for buildings.

google gave me one with perfect shadow and angle, thanks google!

from webcam

So from a google add for something medical ahhahahha

all done

Things I Am working on

May 4, 2011

I’ve always loved the idea of identity, and i am currently working on a series of pieces that address what media does to an individuals sense of self, in my case the lack of representation as a whole. As a young Asian American, or Pacific Islander it was hard to have a strong sense of outgoing heroism or relation to dominant characters in media , film, movies etc, because it didn’t really exist. Unless you did martial arts, and even then you’d probably be the villain or novelty sidekick at best

i think you get my point

white martial artist

or as the sidekick

i think my point is kinda clear, so i started doing this paintings of just inserting asian children were normal media portrays a normal person. In the arms of Uncle Jessie in Full House as he has both arms in a cast, or riding Falcor from the Never Ending Story. These paintings will be funny because it is obvious they are not the characters originally in the context, but the viewer hopefully will think its even funnier because the character is asian, and then i would want the viewer to stop and think about why the insert being Asian is even funnier.

so this is one of my pieces

February 4, 2010

one of my pieces

Hello world!

February 2, 2010

Hey. This will be a blog about my experiences as a martial artist, a kinetic sculpture artist, my journey as a electronical robotic tinkerer, and a artist that makes electronic martial artist. favortire artist is arthur ganson. here is his website